Obtain License to Conduct PFM Training Program
Do you wish to conduct the training of a globally accredited professional certification program in your country? Become a training provider for PFM Certification and expand your market.

Professional Financial Modeler (PFM) is accredited professional certification in the field of financial analysis and financial modeling. The program helps corporate and project financial analysts develop knowledge and competence through intensive certification process. Candidates passing the exam will obtain PFM designation behind their names. The certification will enhance the participant credential and expand career.

PFM program consists of:
1. Training program conducted by a training provider based on the curriculum.
2. A single level exam to be taken online.
PFM training program is conducted by training providers which have obtained the license to conduct PFM training.
Topic in PFM Curriculum
  • Forecasting Methodology
  • Financial Statement and Account Analysis and Modeling
  • Macroeconomic and company assumptions
  • Design and preparation of financial model
  • Modeling of subsidiaries
  • Equity valuation methodologies
  • Project financial model and analysis
  • Financial analytics and risk analysis
  • Credit analysis
Illustration PFM curriculum
People stand on target
Training Provider Licensing Opportunity
Do you provide education to professionals? Now you can become PFM registered training provider. You will conduct PFM training program to your audience in your country or region and help them prepare for PFM exam.
There are two types of licensing:
  • Registered Training Provider: training companies conducting training to general public or inhouse programs for corporate clients.
  • University Partner: a university incorporating PFM program into their undergraduate or graduate program.
Who is the target market?
PFM Program has wide target market due to the practicality and uniqueness of the curriculum. The program is suitable for any professionals and students with financial background or those interested to learn about corporate financial analysis.
The curriculum will help perform in jobs such as:
  • Equity and investment analyst.
  • Investment banker.
  • Corporate planner and strategist.
  • Corporate risk specialist.
  • Project manager.
  • Credit analyst.
  • Portfolio manager.
  • And others.
Market target
PFM Examination and Certification
PFM Examination and Certification

To obtain PFM Designation, a person must pass a single level containing two module exams:

  • 100 question multiple choice exam to be taken in 2.5 hours.
  • Computer practice examination in which participants need to complete a full set corporate financial model in 5 hours.
The exam is conducted online. The exam is challenging with only around 40% of participants passing both exams on first trial. If a participant fails, he only needs to retake the module that he fails. The toughness of the exam has brought credibility to those who possess the certification.
PFM Certification is valid for 3 years. To renew the certification, the holders must take recertification process by fulfilling some basic eligibility requirements.
Why Become PFM Provider?
Unique Curriculum

The program includes concepts and knowledge with high applicability but not commonly delivered in other financial programs. The highly unique concepts have drawn audience including professionals with financial expertise who wish to update knowledge and competence to conduct analysis in different way.

Globally Accredited Program
IAS accredited

PFM Program has been accredited by International Accreditation Service (IAS), a highly acclaimed US accrediting body. The accreditation brings trust from public and value to the certification holder and ensures acceptance in your market.

Bringing concepts into practice
Financial slices

Tired of taking education programs delivering inapplicable theory? PFM is the only program combining analytical knowledge with the skill to prepare financial model. Every concept in PFM Curriculum has been tested for applicability. Participant will also learn to apply concepts by developing full set financial model.

Proven track record

PFM Program has become the market leading financial certification program since 2014. The classes have been attended by thousands of individuals working in large corporations and handling large projects. Becoming a training provider will open a new market in your country with a lot of opportunity.

Unlimited revenue potential

You can market PFM Program as premium program and earn training revenue. You will also get sustainable income sharing on recertification fee from your participants who periodically renewing certification.

Low requirement

Different from taking other licenses, PFM licensing only entails small investment, while training delivery can be done in cost efficient way, offline or online.

PFM Study Materials
To prepare participants for taking PFM Program, your participants will gain access to various resources.
PFM program module
PFM Program Module

This 450-page book is the authoritative resource containing all PFM curriculum.

compilation of financial model spreadsheets
Compilation of Financial Model Spreadsheets

Compilation of around 300 spreadsheet files related to theories and models presented in the PFM curriculum.

PFM case book
PFM Case Book

Containing cases presented during PFM training delivery.

PFM course material
PFM Course Material

The standard presentation materials used during the PFM Training class.

Success Story

RJ Consulting is an Indonesian training company which has become PFM training provider since 2014 and conducted the program as a 5-6 day premium public training and inhouse classes to corporate clients. RJ Consulting has delivered PFM Training to more than 2,500 individuals. Their program has become a must go program for financial professionals working in large companies in Indonesia.

Rajawali Konsulindo

Basic eligibility and terms for taking PFM License?
We will provide consultation and resources to help you setup your PFM Training program based on your market needs. To become a provider, you need to fulfil some basic terms:

Your training company or university has track record in delivering training to professionals.

Access to the market and audience relevant for PFM Program.

Have trainers with relevant qualifications and will send them to take PFM certification.

You will place small deposit for getting access to the resources and you pay sharing fee based on your training revenue.

You agree to uphold the integrity and impartiality of PFM Program.

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PFM program does not consider the attendance to any training program as a passing factor, and such attendance does not affect the decision whether a candidate passes the exam.

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